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This report describes intelligent compaction, a new method of achieving and documenting compaction requirements. Intelligent compaction uses continuous compaction-roller vibration monitoring to assess mechanistic soil properties, continuous modification/adaptation ...
Reference: NCHRP Report 676, TRB
This Technical Note presents a back-analysis of the axial response of some field-scale tubular displacement piles installed by jacking. This study was motivated by the recent development of large pile-jacking rigs.
Reference: Geotechnique 56, No. 5, 349-354
In this paper are presented centrifuge tests simulating the installation of jacked piles that were conducted in dense uniform fine silica sand.
Reference: Physical Modelling in Geotechnics-6th ICPMG '06 - Ng, Zhang & Wang (eds) 2006
<p>Soil slope instability concerning highway infrastructure is an ongoing problem in Iowa, as slope failures endanger public safety and continue to result in costly repair work. Characterization of slope failures is complicated, because the factors affecting ...
Reference: IHRB Project TR-489, Iowa Highway Research Board
<p>Accurate measurement of soil deformation is fundamental to the success of geotechnical modelling. Current practice is to track the movement of a grid of target markers embedded in an exposed plane of soil through a sequence of video images. A new system ...
Reference: 10th International Conference on Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics. Tucson, Arizona. pp 997-1002 pub. Balkema, Rotterdam