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In developing response spectral shapes for both the WUS and CEUS tectonic regions, three issues of particular significance arise: (1) selection of an appropriate normalization frequency and fractile level, (2) the paucity of data in the CEUS for M > 4.5, and ...
Reference: Proc. of the OECE-NEA (Organization For Economic Coordination and Development of the Nuclear Energy Agency) Workshop on Engineering Characterization of Seismic Input, Nov., 15-17, 1999 NEA/CSNI/R(2000)2, vol. 1: 185-268
Characteristics of vertical and horizontal component strong ground motions have been examined to reveal general trends which may be of significance to structural analyses. Recordings at both rock and deep soil sites representative of WUS showed distinctly ...
Reference: Proc. Of theFHWA/NCEER Workshop on the Nat. Representation of Seismic Ground Motion for New and Existing Highway Facilities, I.M. Friedland, M.S Power and R. L. Mayes eds., Technical Report NCEER-97-0010
In this report are studied the characteristics of strong ground motions at the near-source region.
Reference: "Proc. Of theFHWA/NCEER Workshop on the Nat=l Representation of Seismic<br/>Ground Motion for New and Existing Highway Facilities"