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In this paper the dynamic response of the ground surface subjected to vertically traveling two dimensional harmonic SH waves in the presence of a single or two canyons is investigated using boundary element method. The models consist of one and two semicircular ...
Reference: JSEE / Summer 2009, Vol. 11, No. 2
The cone penetrometer allows for the soil type to be determined from the measured values of cone resistance and sleeve friction.The paper references several published methods of soil profiling. All but two of these apply cone resistance plotted against the ...
Reference: "Year 2000 Geotechnics - Geotechnical Engineering Conference, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok"
This paper describes six methods to determine axial pile capacity directly from cone penetration tests data.
Reference: "Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. 34, No. 6., pp. 886 - 904, 1997"
Direct CPT method is proposed for determining the toe capacity of a single displacement pile. The method makes use of a simple mathematical rule for determining the average cone resistance, qc, adjusting it to the effective stress and relating it to the unit ...
Reference: International Symposium on Cone Penetrometer Testing, CPT 95, Linkoping Sweden