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Tectonic deformation from the 2010 Maule (Chile) Mw 8.8 earthquakeincluded both uplift and subsidence along about 470 km of the central Chilean coast. In the south, deformation included as much as 3 m of uplift of the Arauco Peninsula, which produced emergent ...
Reference: Earthquake Spectra, Volume 28, No. S1, pages S39–S54, June 2012; 2012, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
The February 27, 2010 Maule, Chile earthquake (Mw = 8.8) is the fifth largest earthquake to occur since 1900. Its effects were felt along 600 km of the central Chile coast. Initial field observations suggest that tectonic displacement of the hanging wall produced ...
Reference: GEER Association Report No. GEER-022 (2010)