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<p>This paper presents an integrated data management system which was developed over a number of years as well as the advantages through a specific application. The presented case study illustrates how the high production slopes of a mine that exceed depths ...
Reference: Open Geosci. 2016; 8:694–699
<p>This paper explores the potential of using satellite radar inteferometry to monitor time-varying land movement prior to any visible tension crack signs. The idea was developed during dedicated geotechnical studies at a large open-pit lignite mine, where ...
Reference: Central European Journal of Geosciences 6, (1)
<p>Rocks are commonly found on the pavement of roads servicing mountainous areas. Rocks detached from a mountainous slope may reach the pavement, trigger a new rockfall through the detachment of other rocks, or even stop somewhere on the slope (i.e., due to ...
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