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Lateral load tests were performed on a full-scale pile cap in clay before and after construction of shallow soilcrete walls produced by soil mixing and jet grouting on either side of the pile cap. This relatively simple approach increased the lateral resistance ...
Reference: GeoFlorida 2010: Advances in Analysis, Modeling & Design GSP199, ASCE
<p>The first major use of hybrid ground treatment, Jet Mechanical Mixing (JMM), in Singapore, was in the construction of the new Nicoll Highway Station (NCH) for the Circle Line Project (CCLP). This system played a major role in the success of the project. ...
Reference: Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground – Ng, Huang & Liu (eds), © 2009 Taylor & Francis Group, London
<p>The outcomes of this study can provide insight into the swelling and the compressibility behavior of soil - bentonite mixtures, between non-swelling materials and swelling materials. A simple swell and compression laboratory test has been conducted for ...
Reference: DIMENSI TEKNIK SIPIL VOL 5, NO. 2, September 2003: 93-98
The bearing capacity and settlement behavior of large diameter above ground petroleum storage tanks are critical in loose and soft soils. Deep mixing ground improvement program successfully limited settlement of the tanks exceeded predicted values.
Reference: Geodenver 2000, Colorado, 2000
This paper summarizes the initial testing programs and the final production work at the site of a shallow soil mixing for stabilization - solidification of a disposal pond. Various testing was performed at all phases of the project for mix optimization, quality ...
Reference: Environmental Innovations in the Metals Industry for the 21st Century, Pittsburg, 1998
The information presented in this paper is intended to provide Engineers and owners with the level of understanding necessary to apply soil mixing and vacuum extraction technology to a specific site. Shallow Soil Mixing (SSM) and Soil Vacuum Extraction (SVE) ...
Reference: "1995 ASCE-CSCE Environmental Engineering conference Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"
This report reviews five low vibration ground improvement techniques suitable for remedial work near existing structures. The five techniques are: - compaction grouting, permeation grouting, jet grouting, in situ soil mixing, and drain pile. The factors which ...
Reference: "Building and Fire Research Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology, NISTIR 5714"
Shallow soil mixing is on of several in situ mixing techniques for on site treatment and or containment of contaminated soils
Reference: 85th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Missouri, 1992
This paper presents two case studies of soil mixint for the improvement of the properties of soils for pollution problmes. Soil mixing offers a proven, inexpensive method for stabilizing or fixating contaminated soils and sludges
Reference: ASCE Geotechnical Division Specialty Conference, Grouting, Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics, Louisiana, 1992
This paper presents the ground improvement by the use of shallow soil mixing for large effluent storage tanks foundations.
Reference: ASCE Geotechnical Division Specialty Conference, Grouting, Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics, Louisiana, 1992