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This chapter presents the main abrasive effects observed in concrete hydraulic surfaces of dams of hydroelectric power plant (HPP). These types of hydraulic structures are subject to solicitations for dynamics order due to water flow at high speed usually ...
Reference: Publisher InTech Published online 16, March, 2012
<p>This paper shows the results of the Geological-Engineering investigations in situ and the Geotechnical-Engineering solutions to support the building of the third lot of the Water Treatment Plant, located in Calabar, Cross River State, Republic of Nigeria.</p ...
Reference: Vol. 13, Bundle J
This manual provides guidance for the selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for navigation lock gates and other civil works hydraulic structures
Reference: EM 1110-2-2704
<p>This manual provides guidance for designing reinforced concrete hydraulic structures by the strength design method.</p>
Reference: EM 1110-2-2104
This manual describes the development and use of response spectra for the seismic analysis of concrete hydraulic structures. The manual provides guidance regarding how earthquake ground motions are characterized as design response spectra and how they are ...
Reference: EM 1110-2-6050