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This report presents a methodology for estimating the time rate of scour and the design scour depth for a bridge founded on rock. The report also includes design and construction guidelines for application of the methodology.
Reference: NCHRP Report 717, TRB
In this publication is discussed the application of blasting technology to the creation of excavations in rock and the influence of the excavation techniques upon the stability of the remaining rock.
Reference: Practical Rock Engineering e-notes 2007
<p>This paper applies numerical limit analyses to evaluate the ultimate bearing capacity of a surface footing resting on a rock mass whose strength can be described by the generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion.</p>
Reference: International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences 43 (2006) 920-937
This paper shows the results of borehole ovalisation analysis, developed to predict the natural stress field by means of the study of the deformation in vertical boreholes.
Reference: International Symposium on In Situ Rock Stress. Trodheim (Norway)
This manual is about the general principles of bridge foundations.
We analyse the volume distribution of natural rock falls on different geological settings, i.e. calcareous cliffs in the French Alps, Grenoble area and granite Yosemite cliffs, California sierra and differnt volume range i.e. regional and word wide catalogs. ...
Filed under: Rock Mechanics -  Rock Falls
Reference: Journal of Geophysical Research B108, (B6), 2003
Micropiles socketed in rock designed based on end bearing rather than interface shear.
Reference: A final report to the infrastructure Technology Institute
This manual is the reference text used for the FHWA NHI course No. 132031 on Subsurface Investigations and reflects current practice for such. The planning, execution, and interpretation of geotechnical site explorations in natural soil and rock are presented ...
Reference: "National Highway Institute Publication No. FHWA NHI-01-031 Federal Highway Administration"