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Li Y. , Luo Z. et al.  
<p>This paper presents a preliminary study on the system reliability for the geotechnical design of braced excavations in soft clays. In this system reliability geotechnical analysis, both ultimate limit state (ULS) and serviceability limit state (SLS) are ...
Reference: 6th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications (APSSRA6), 28-30 May 2016, Shanghai, China
<p>This paper presents an overview of the evolution in structural and geotechnical design practice over the past half a decade or so in relation to how uncertainties are dealt with. For the general reader who is encountering reliability-based design (RBD) ...
Reference: Special lecture for Korean Geotechnical Society, Seoul, 9 July 2004
There is little dispute that the current geotechnical design process could be improved significantly by integrating the various design components (loads, soil parameters, calculation models, and factors of safety) in a more logical and self-consistent way. ...
Reference: Foundation Design Codes and Soil Investigation in view of International Harmonization and Performance, 2002