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Petrographic and geochemical studies of the serpentinites from the Tehuitzingo body, the main ophiolitic outcrop of the Paleozoic Acatlan Complex of southern Mexico, provide new petrogenetic evidence and preliminary data on the nature of the fluids that interacted ...
Reference: "Boletin de la Sociedad Geologica Mexicana, Volumen 61, num. 3, 2009, p. 419-435"
Comment and reply on the arc-accretion model for the paleoproterozoic evolution of southern Laurentia
Reference: 2007 Geological Society of America
Mantle peridotites were early exposed at the sea-floor of the Jurassic Tethys derived from the subcontinental mantle of the Europe-Adria system. During continental rifting and oceanic spreading, these lithospheric peridotites were percolated via diffuse reactive ...
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress Episodes, Vol. 26, no. 3