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<p>This paper presents geochemical behaviour of trace elements of the felsic alkaline rocks of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with special attention of fractional crystallization and continental crust assimilation.</p>
Reference: Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2015) 87(4): 1959-1979
Retrograde eclogites (ranging from unaltered eclogite to retrograde blueschist and greenschist mantling the eclogite boulders) from Ring Mountain on the Tiburon Peninsula, near San Francisco, California, were examined for whole-rock major and trace ...
Reference: Geosphere; October 2009; v. 5; no. 5; p. 426-438
Petrographic and geochemical studies of the serpentinites from the Tehuitzingo body, the main ophiolitic outcrop of the Paleozoic Acatlan Complex of southern Mexico, provide new petrogenetic evidence and preliminary data on the nature of the fluids that interacted ...
Reference: "Boletin de la Sociedad Geologica Mexicana, Volumen 61, num. 3, 2009, p. 419-435"
In this paper it has been studied the Precambrian mafic dykes to understand their nature, geochemical characteristics and their genesis.
Reference: Geochemical Journal, Vol. 41, pp. 173 to 186, 2007
A granulite-facies Precambrian meta-igneous gneiss complex at Tromy, South Norway, which was previously assumed to represent a fragment of strongly large ion lithophile element (LILE)-depleted lower continental crust, has been reinvestigated using major and ...