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Geology is the scientific field that studies the earth, the materials of which is composed and the processes leading to current shape of the earth. Geology also gives an insight into earth materials so as to plan the mines that produce metals, locate and produce oil and gas and ground water. In this section related publications for geology are provided.
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<p>A fundamental goal of mineralogy and petrology is the deep understanding of mineral phase relation-ships and the consequent spatial and temporal patterns of mineral coexistence in rocks, ore bodies, sediments, meteorites, and other natural polycrystalline ...
Reference: American Mineralogist, Volume 102, pages 1588–1596, 2017
<p>The average depth and heat flow of oceanic lithosphere as functions of age are well described by cooling plate models in which old lithosphere approaches an asymptotic thermal structure, causing average depth and heat flow to flatten. However, some areas ...
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Reference: The Geological Society of America Special Paper 514 American Geophysical Union Special Publication 71
<p>This paper presents geochemical behaviour of trace elements of the felsic alkaline rocks of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with special attention of fractional crystallization and continental crust assimilation.</p>
Reference: Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2015) 87(4): 1959-1979
<p>Mining exploration is widely spread throughout Kazakhstan and it is an important part of the country&rsquo;s economy. However, mining can create landslides, as well as both surface and groundwater pollution.<br />The purpose of this research is to model ...
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Reference: Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Volume 23, Paper 9, September 2015
<p>Estimation of groundwater table by hydrogeologists in Ghana over the past decades has proven to be difficult due to the dearth of data on piezometric heads from the very few boreholes present to access this data. The importance of this information in infrastructure ...
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Reference: International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 4, Issue 8, August 2014
<p>This report presents an overview of the earthquake-induced changes that were observed to have affected the city&rsquo;s response to flood events. Following this Chapter 1 introduction, the second chapter presents a historical perspective of flooding and ...
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<p>Quantifying how hillslopes respond to river incision and climate change is fundamental to understanding the evolution of uplifting landscapes during glacial-interglacial cycles. We investigated the interplay among uplift, river incision, and hillslope response ...
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Reference: Geological Society of America Bulletin 2014
<p>The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL )is exploiting coal in the Godavari valley coal fields spread over 5.33km2 in Andhra Pradesh, India. In the area, six workable coal seams have been identified in Barakar formation by the analysis of the geologic ...
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Reference: Water Resources and Industry 7-8 (2014) 49–65
<p>The sixth edition of the &ldquo;Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia&rdquo; has been revised with a focus on performance standards. Implementation of newly researched practices has been incorporated to expand on the traditional erosion and ...
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Reference: Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, 2014
<p>The Southern Granulite Terrain (SGT) is one of the best-exposed granulite terrains suited to address some fundamental problems concerning the origin and development of granulites. The contact between Dharwar craton and the SGT is marked by a series of crustal ...
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Reference: International Journal of Engineering Science Invention ISSN (Online): 2319 – 6734, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 6726 Volume 3 Issue 8 ǁ August 2014 ǁ PP.53-59