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Jaret S. J. et al.  
This study identifies a range of feldspar textures in target rocks from the Tenoumer impact crater that suggest feldspars exhibit a range of impact-related features which span a range below the 8 GPa limit of quartz deformation.
Reference: "The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee Vol. 1:1, Article 6"
During the past decades comprehensive investigations have been made on bentonite clays in order to find optimal components of the multi-barrier system of repositories for radioactive waste. The present study gives a mineralogical characterisation of some selected ...
Reference: R-09-53 Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co
The results of the present study proved CL to be a valuable tool for the study of crystal-growth morphologies in a dynamic, turbulent environment and also as a geochemical tool for the reconstruction of various petrogenetic mechanisms (e.g. magma hybridization) ...
Reference: Mineralogical Magazine, August 2004, Vol. 68(4), pp. 561-577
This paper is about the interpretation of microstructures involving quartz and feldspar in metamorphic rocks.
Reference: The Canadian Mineralogist Vo1. 37, pp. 513-524 (1999)
A study about the processess of feldspar crystallization under conditions of high temperature and low H2O content.
Reference: American Mineralogist, Volume 77, pages 592404, 1992
This paper is about the origin of graphic granite that has been shown to be the result of simultaneous growth of the two phases under conditions that favor the planar growth of the feldspar host.
Reference: American Mineralogist, Volume71, pages 325-330, 1986