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The Topock quadrangle exposes a structurally complex part of the Colorado River extensional corridor and also exposes deposits that record landscape evolution during the history of the Colorado River. Paleoproterozoic gneisses and Mesoproterozoic granitoids ...
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Reference: Scientific Investigations Map 3236
<p>Serpentinites are metamorphic rocks that are produced by low grade metamorphism or hydrothermal alteration of ultramafic igneous rocks. They have been used for many centuries in the construction of major cultural and religious symbols. The serpentinization ...
Reference: Episodes 2012
Jaret S. J. et al.  
This study identifies a range of feldspar textures in target rocks from the Tenoumer impact crater that suggest feldspars exhibit a range of impact-related features which span a range below the 8 GPa limit of quartz deformation.
Reference: "The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee Vol. 1:1, Article 6"
The understanding of the subduction-related processes beneļ¬ted by the studies of the high-pressure (HP) metamorphic rocks from the western Alps. The most stimulating information was obtained from the inner part of the western Alpine belt, where most tectonic ...
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Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress, Episodes Vol.26 No.3
<p>This paper is about the analysis of metamorphosed magmatic rocks along the northern serpentinite belt (Cuba) that suggests a variety of tectonic settings of formation and metamorphism.</p>
Reference: MEMORIAS GEOMIN 2003, LA HABANA, 24-28 DE MARZO. ISBN 959-7117-11-8
In this paper is presented a model, based on the geometry of the seismically active Hindu Kush continental subduction zone and its restoration, assuming present-day plate motions, which explains how surficial graphite-rich shales and carbonates deposited along ...
Reference: The Journal of Geology, 2001, volume 109, p. 143-153, 2001 by The University of Chicago
This paper is about the interpretation of microstructures involving quartz and feldspar in metamorphic rocks.
Reference: The Canadian Mineralogist Vo1. 37, pp. 513-524 (1999)
Discussion about crustal-scale thrusts of the western Alps in a West to West North West direction movements of several hundreds of kilometers.<br>
Reference: Geological Society, London, Special Publications 1989; v. 45; p. 339-352