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Aggregate used in hot mix asphalt (HMA) must be tough and durable, not only to withstand the effects of HMA production, transportation, and construction but also resist the effects of traffic and the environment. The objective of this research was to characterize ...
Reference: Transportation Systems 2004 Workshop
<p>Over the past century the growth of American cities and towns, and the construction and maintenance of the highways and byways between those population centers, created a demand for enormous amounts of natural aggregate. Over that same period of time circumstances ...
Reference: Open-File Report 02-415, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
Aggregates to be utilized in hot mix asphalt (HMA) must be both tough and durable. Aggregates must withstand the effects of HMA production, transportation, and construction. Additionally, once placed on the roadway, aggregates must also resist the effects ...
Reference: NCAT Report 02-09, October 2002
This manual presents criteria for determining the thickness, material, and compaction requirements for all classes of aggregate surfaced roads and for Class I, II, and III airfields at US Army installations.
Reference: ARMY TM 5-822-12