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<p>The growth of roller-compacted concrete pavement use in cold climate regions often is impeded by concerns regarding its ability to resist frost attack. Most published laboratory test results have indicated that the frost resistance and particularly the ...
Reference: Research and Development Bulletin RD135. Service d’Expertise en Matériaux Inc. 1400 boul du Parc Technologies Quebec, Quebec G1P 4R7, Canada
<p>This synthesis is intended to present discussions pertaining to pavement design, materials and mix design, and construction relevant to Perpetual Pavements.</p>
Filed under: Pavement -  Asphalt Pavement
Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is an accepted and economical method<br>for the construction of dams and pavements. Achieving adequate compaction is essential in the development of the desired properties in the hardened material. The compaction depends on ...
Filed under: Codes and Standards -  USA
Reference: ACI 309.5R-00 became effective February 23, 2000.American Concrete Institute.
Guidelines for specifying proper construction procedures and equipment for different soil types will help ensure that the proper results will be attained in the field. By using the proper procedures and equipment, adequate mixing can be obtained to create ...
Reference: ASTM Symposium on Design, Construction and Testing of Deep Foundation Improvement, Stone columns and other related techniques, Nevada, 1990