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This study addresses two important issues regarding the formation and exhumation of the UHP rocks in the WGR: (i) the size, shape, and structure of the UHP terrane and (ii) the structural and petrological relationship between the UHP rocks and overlying allochthonous ...
Reference: J. metamorphic Geol., 2005, 23, 45-61
This thesis intends to extend and improve the database on seismic properties available on mantle rocks.Further, the relevance of different olivine CPO types is discussed and the influence of hydrous phaseson the seismic properties is investigated. Ten samples ...
Reference: DISS. ETH Nr. 16176
<p>This study focuses in more detail on source areas for potential rock avalanches, using for the topic techniques and knowledge from structural geology.</p>
Reference: "Norwegian Journal of Geology, Vol. 84, pp. 67-87"
This paper is about the Solund-Hyllestad-Lavik area that affords an excellent opportunity to understand the ultrahigh-pressure Scandian orogeny because it contains a near-complete record of ophiolite emplacement, high-pressure metamorphism and large-scale ...
Reference: J. metamorphic Geol., 2003, 21, 613-629