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This paper is about island arc lavas that have erupted above subduction zones and commonly contain a geochemical component derived from partial melting of subducted sediment. It is debated whether this sediment melt signature, with enriched trace element concentrations ...
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This paper is about the kinematic, kinematic vorticity (Wm), and deformation temperature analyses that were completed to test the hypothesis that midcrustal rocks exposed in the core of the Kangmar gneiss dome, southern Tibet record ductile deformation patterns ...
Reference: TECTONICS, VOL. 29, TC6011, doi:10.1029/2010TC002746, 2010
New detailed microscopic kinematic analyses, deformation temperature estimates, and vorticity analyses within mid-crustal rocks from Mabja Dome show a downward progression from mixedtop-N and top-S shear in chloritoid-zone rocks, through dominantly top-S shear ...
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 32 (2010) 70-85
This paper first presents Sm-Nd geochronology that dates garnet growth in quartzofeldspathic gneisses. Second, modeling of compositional zoning in garnet is used to constrain the pressures and temperatures of garnet growth. This paper finally discusses how ...
Reference: Eur. J. Mineral. 2009, 21, 1097-1118, Published online December 2009
This paper is about the depths and temperatures to which continental crust can be subducted and exhumed.
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Reference: International Geology Review, Vol 48,,2006, p.1053-1066
This study addresses two important issues regarding the formation and exhumation of the UHP rocks in the WGR: (i) the size, shape, and structure of the UHP terrane and (ii) the structural and petrological relationship between the UHP rocks and overlying allochthonous ...
Reference: J. metamorphic Geol., 2005, 23, 45-61
This paper presents the results of new detailed geologic mapping, structural, kinematic, and quantitative thermobarometric investigations in Mabja Dome, southern Tibet, an area that has not been previously studied in such detail.
Reference: Journal of Structural Geology 26 (2004) 2297-2316
This paper is about the Solund-Hyllestad-Lavik area that affords an excellent opportunity to understand the ultrahigh-pressure Scandian orogeny because it contains a near-complete record of ophiolite emplacement, high-pressure metamorphism and large-scale ...
Reference: J. metamorphic Geol., 2003, 21, 613-629
In this paper is presented a model, based on the geometry of the seismically active Hindu Kush continental subduction zone and its restoration, assuming present-day plate motions, which explains how surficial graphite-rich shales and carbonates deposited along ...
Reference: The Journal of Geology, 2001, volume 109, p. 143-153, 2001 by The University of Chicago
In this paper structural, thermobarometric and thermochronologic investigations of the Kangmar Dome, southern Tibet, suggest that both extensional and contractional deformational histories are preserved within the dome.
Reference: Tectonics, Vol. 19, NO.5 p. 872-895 October 2000