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The paper presents the results of experimental examination of the weathering grade of granite rock mass in the medieval Jeroným Mine (Czech Republic).
Reference: Acta Geodyn. Geomater., Vol. 9, No. 2 (166), 211–220, 2012
Progressive rock-fall failures in natural rock slopes are common in many environments, but often elude detailed quantitative documentation and analysis. Here we present high-resolution photography, video, and laser scanning data that document spatial and temporal ...
Filed under: Rock Mechanics -  Rock Falls
Reference: EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS Earth Surf. Process. Landforms (2011)
The Srisailam Water Tunnel-1 is 43.5km long as it crosses the Amrabad plateau which contains a wildlife sanctuary and the Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Reserve. This scheme has been planned since 1983 to provide irrigation facilities to the drought ridden areas of Nalgonda ...
Reference: Hong Kong Tunnelling Conference 2009
<p>The timescale for the generation of granitic magmas and their subsequent intrusion, crystallization, and cooling as plutons is no longer incompatible with the biblical time frames of the global, year-long Flood cataclysm and of 6,000-7,000 years for earth ...
Reference: Answers Research Journal 1 (2008): 11-25
<p>The main purpose of this study is to determine a safe angle for the rock slope at entry road cut slope Fraser's Hill. The data was analyzed by stereo-plot and then analyzed using kinematic to determine the maximum safe slope angle (MSSA) for the rock slope ...
Reference: EJGE Vol. 13, Bundle D
<p>This paper overviews five slope assessment systems(SAS) developed in Malaysia for predicting landslide for large-scale assessments.</p>
Reference: Vol. 13, Bundle E
This dissertation discusses the evolution of mountains, particularly the interaction between uplift, which is controlled by horizontally-directed plate tectonic and vertically directed isostatic forces, and erosion, which encompasses glacial, periglacial, ...
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Reference: Presented to the Department of Geological Sciences and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy December 2006
This paper is about geochemical classification of granitic rocks, which is based upon three variables.
Reference: JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY, VOLUME 42, NUMBER 11, PAGES 2033-2048, 2001
<p>Geochemical investigation of samples from 20 granitic intrusions in six tectonic zones of the Hellenides shows that both I-type and S-type granites occur in the region. The I-type granites from four of the zones, namely the Rhodope Massif (RM), the Serbomacedonian ...
Reference: Mineralogical Magazine 56(385):487-501 · January 1992