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The paper presents the results of experimental examination of the weathering grade of granite rock mass in the medieval Jeroným Mine (Czech Republic).
Reference: Acta Geodyn. Geomater., Vol. 9, No. 2 (166), 211–220, 2012
The paper presents geological and engineering geological characteristics of the flysch in outlined area which is expected to have a lot of similarities with very well defined and investigated flysch deposits in Split.The investigated area belongs to the ...
Reference: II European Conference of International Association for Engineering Geology Madrid, Španjolska, 15.-19.09.2008.
This paper discusses the relative advantages and disadvantages in the application of the cone penetration test to geotechnical site characterization in karst. It presents cone penetration test data collected at two project sites in deeply weathered, clay-mantled ...
Reference: 10th Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst, San Antonio, TX.
<p>The intact rock strength of a rock mass has been determined by several different means in the context of research for slope stability assessment. The intact rock strength was determined with unconfined compressive strength testing, Schmidt hammer, Equotip, ...
Reference: Proceedings of 9th Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment. Durban, South Africa, 16 - 20 September 2002
An engineering geological assessment with respect to the TBM excavation, within a highly heterogeneous system of formations known as the "Athens Schist" is presented. The method considers mainly the rock mass competence on the basis of criteria related to ...
Reference: Proceedings of the 8th International Congress of IAEG, Balkema publ., 3513-3522, Vancouver, Canada(1998)
This paper is about a highly tectonized contact between serpentinite and younger pegmatite in the magnesite mine of Wiry that contains various layer silicates.
Reference: Clays and Clay Minerals, Vol. 41, No. 6, 693-701, 1993.