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Software by  USGS  
<p>3D Focal Mechanisms is a tool for viewing earthquake focal mechanism symbols three dimensionally. This tool operates within the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI&reg;) GIS software ArcScene&reg; 9.x. The program requires as input a GIS point ...
Advanced geology functions in MineSight 3D including the Geomap Tool, Geomap Editor, and True Thickness Tool.
Software by  USGS  
<p>CLUSTER2000 recognizes clusters in space-time in an earthquake catalog. It is intended for use in removing aftershocks or "declustering" the catalog. The methods used are described in "Second-Order Moment of Central California Seismicity, 1969-1982" (P. ...
Software by  Gocad Research Group  
<p>The Concurrent Number Cruncher (CNC) is a high-performance preconditioned conjugate gradient solver on the GPU using the new GPGPU AMD-ATI CTM and NVIDIA CUDA APIs. The CNC is based on a general optimized implementation of sparse matrices using Block Compressed ...
Software by  geo&soft international  
<p>DBSOND is a program for the archiving and graphic restitution of boreholes and geological profiles.<br />The main features are the large amount of information that can be archived and the possibility of personalising the program.<br />The program offers ...
DrillHoleMS is a Windows program for drawing and plotting drill hole/mine cross sections, drill/well logs and plans. A wide variety of options allow the sections, logs and plans to be customized to your requirements. Designed for presenting and interpreting ...
<p>The forward modelling capabilities of ELFEN provide accurate simulations and representation of geological evolution. This enables a full understanding of your field&rsquo;s stress, material, deformation and trap history throughout geological time.<br />From ...
Software by  RockWare  
Encom Discover is the desktop Geographical Information System (GIS) designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualize, analyze and map spatial geoscience data.
Software by  Gocad Research Group  
<p>We provide 9 synthetic structural models. Their purpose is to test geomodeling algorithms, they are linked to a paper submitted in July 2014 to Computers&amp;Geosciences.</p>
Software by  Fine Civil Engineering  
<p>The GEO5 Stratigraphy program is designed to assess results from site investigation (boreholes, CPTs, SPTs, etc.), generate 2D or 3D geological models and export cross sections and geological profiles into GEO5 design programs. </p>