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RocPlane is an easy-to-use tool for planar wedge stability analysis and design. A useful tool for geotechnical engineers analyzing bench stability in open pit mines and rock slopes. It defines planar wedge models and visualizes them in 2D and 3D. Using the Limit Equilibrium Method, you can perform planar sliding stability analysis and support the computation of the factor of safety by modeling the effects of joint shear strength, water pressure and external forces.

Probabilistic analysis: Account for the probability of failure of your model by assigning statistical distributions to variables including the slope geometry, joint orientation and strength, water pressure and supports. View the statistical data in histogram, cumulative and scatter plots.

Bench design tools and charts: By inputting design parameters and statistical joint information, optimize the bench slope angle and calculate the required bench width based on spill width and backbreak distance. Using an array of charts including the total probability of failure, the volume of failed wedges and minimum bench width, output your results.

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