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EX3 helps you perform complex stress analysis of your underground applications including excavations, underground mining, and tunneling. It includes modules for geometric modeling, surface meshing, elastic stress analysis based on the boundary element method, and data visualization/interpretation.

Stress analysis: With EX3’s boundary element method, you can carry out faster underground excavation analyses with the simple meshing of the surface and efficient discretization for modeling infinite and semi-infinite elastic domains.

Comprehensive mine analysis: Model and analyze large-scale mines with ease with EX3’s advanced capabilities of geometry import, excavation design, and visualization of the surface of the mine and pre-defined field points.

3D geometry repair: Easily import a vast array of geometry using your preferred file types including *.obj, *.stl, *.dxf, *.dwg, and repair them in EX3 in minutes.

Integrates with:
RS3: For running an in-depth analysis, you can import your EX3 models directly into RS3, convert your geometry, assign materials, field stress, and regions of interest for a hassle-free computation.

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