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RocFall is a 2D statistical analysis program designed to assist with assessment of slopes at risk for rockfalls. Energy, velocity and "bounce height" envelopes for the entire slope are determined by the program, as is the location of rock endpoints. Distributions of energy, velocity and bounce height are also calculated along the slope profile. Distributions can be graphed, and comprehensive statistics are automatically calculated. RocFall allows the user to perform both lumped mass and rigid body rockfall analyses.

RocFall can also assist in determining remedial measures: the material properties of each slope segment can be changed allowing for comparison of results. Information about the kinetic energy and location of impact on a barrier can help determine the capacity, size and location of barriers. RocFall also provides commercial flexible barrier information. Users can define a custom barrier or select one of the predefined barriers. Barrier sensitivity analysis allows the user to automatically vary the location, height, angle or capacity of barriers.

RocFall allows you to create faster and easier high-quality output. Graphs can be exported to Excel with one click and the slope and rock-paths can easily be exported to a .dxf file for import into a CAD program. The Drawing toolkit has been improved to include importing of bitmap files, multi-line text-boxes that can be auto-filled with relevant simulation data, axes that can be dragged-and-dropped to show coordinates on a printed page and much more.

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