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RSPile is a comprehensive program for the analysis of axial and laterally loaded piles as well as driven and bored piles. For enhanced slope stability analysis, RSPile seamlessly integrates with Slide2 and Slide3 along with its added features to define multiple sections of a pile.

Lateral and axial pile analysis: Perform lateral and axial analyses of various piles and flexibly design piles with multiple sections. You can model complex soil strata using boreholes and analyze a single pile in multiple soil layers under axial loading.

Capacity pile analysis: The pile capacity generator table functionality in RSPile allows you to perform multiple capacity analyses at once. Define an array of pile types and zones and easily compute the capacity for each. In addition to capacity analysis, you can also specify different factors of safety to obtain factored results without the need for post-processing.

Grouped pile analysis: Seamlessly analyze load and bearing capacity of both driven and bored piles. Using respective methods available for cohesionless soils, cohesive soils, and weak rock, get the best results for your bored pile analysis.

Integrates with:
Slide2: Importing your RSPile file into Slide2 provides more comprehensive support capabilities for your slope stability analyses, making the whole process of integrating piles more efficient. Moreover, you have full flexibility to model various pile designs in RSPile and analyze their responses under various loads before using them in your Slide2 models.

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