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Slide2 (formerly “Slide”) is a 2D slope stability program for evaluating the safety factor or probability of failure, of circular and non-circular failure surfaces in soil or rock slopes. Slide2 is simple to use, and yet complex models can be created and analyzed quickly and easily. External loading, groundwater and support can all be modeled in a variety of ways.
Slide2 analyzes the stability of slip surfaces using vertical slice or non-vertical slice limit equilibrium methods like Bishop, Janbu, Spencer, and Sarma, among others. Individual slip surfaces can be analyzed, or search methods can be applied to locate the critical slip surface for a given slope. Users can also carry out deterministic (safety factor) or probabilistic (probability of failure) analyses.

Groundwater Analysis with Slide2
Finite element groundwater (seepage) analysis, for steady state or transient conditions, is built right into Slide2.

Probabilistic Slope Stability with Slide2
Slide2 also has extensive probabilistic modeling and analysis features. Nearly all model input parameters can be defined as random variables, so that a probability of failure or reliability index may be calculated. Sensitivity Analysis can also be carried out.

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Chrysanthos on Apr 21, 2013
Slide 6.0 is very user friendly slope stability software. It has many capabilities and all the usual limit equilibrium methods. You can evaluate reinforced slopes and also perform seepage analysis via FEM. In my opinion this software is among the best available for 2D slope stability calculations. You can evaluate easily numerous situations, easily modify your geotechnical profile and slope geometry. What I have found extremely useful is that you can enter geometry, layers, water tables etc from AutoCAD via .DXF files. It can make your job of slope stability analysis very easy.