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Software by  IDS GeoRadar s.r.l.  
<p>A powerful tool to safely and productively manage slope stability risks<br /><br /><strong>Guardian software</strong><br />Powerful and user-friendly, the IBIS Guardian software manages slope stability risks in both.<br /><br />Geohazard assessment and ...
Software by  Optum CE  
<p>Optum G2 is a comprehensive finite element program for geotechnical stability and deformation analysis. Its modern graphical user interface ensures an intuitive and efficient workflow. The computational core builds on state-of-the-art numerical algorithms ...
Software by  IDS GeoRadar s.r.l.  
<p>Planning a monitoring campaign with ease<br /><br />The success of a mining operation relies on its ability to deal with induced instability, a task where awareness and timely decisions are fundamental. The history of IBIS solutions showcases its effectiveness ...
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