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OMNIAlog Datalogger

The OMNIAlog has been designed “in house” by Sisgeo and is the result of over 25 years experience using different datalogger in geotechnical field.
OMNIAlog is a versatile, cost effective and low powered datalogger supporting vibrating wire and all major geotechnical sensors.
OMNIAlog has a Web & FTP server on board, 8 analog channels, expandable to 392 channels and 2 digital opto-isolated input ports. It can be managed by any Internet browser and also includes a 2GB USB pen drive support.

    Dam surveillance
    Structural monitoring
    Mining exploration
    Deep excavation
    Landslide safety implementation
    Retaining walls
    Geotechnical investigation campaign

    No software required
    LAN Ethernet, USB and RS232 Comm ports
    High performances over all working temperature range
    (-30°C +70°C)
    2GB internal memory
    Stand alone or part of network
    Vibrating wire built-in interface
    Digital sensors support
    Compatible with all major geotechnical sensors



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