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<p>The Vicant Apparatus is used for determining setting time and consistency of cement by Vicat Method.</p>
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<p>The apparatus is used to determine air content of fresh concrete. It consists of a flanged 7 litre capacity cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a large (90 mm dia.) pres- sure gauge, air pump and valves. It has quick action clamping system. ...
<p>The Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine air content of fresh concrete. The meter measures up to 22% entrained air with an accuracy of ±0.25% at full scale. It is appropriate for aggregates size of maximum 50mm.</p>
The EN and ASTM standards describe two methods for the determination of air content of compacted fresh concrete which is a very important parameter for the behavior of concrete to weathering and to verify the air content variation due to the use of chemical ...
<p>Used to determine the in-sity density of fine graded compacted or bonded soil. The apparatus is placed over the hole excavated in the soil, and water is pumped into a rubber balloon and forced into the hole. The amount of water displaced into the ballon ...
<p>Blue methylene test set CLAY CONTENT IN FINE AGGREGATES. Utilized to determine the clay content in the fine portions of the aggregates</p>
<p>Used to determine the loose bulk density and voids of aggregates. Stainless steel made, the 10 and 20 litres models have handles</p>
<p>Bulk Density Measures are manufactured from heavy gauge steel complying with the related standard.</p>
Stainless steel construction with handles. The top rim is smooth and plane and parallel to the bottom conforming to the standards.Stainless steel constructionStrictly conforming to EN standards
<p>The centrifuge extractor is used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures.</p>