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AGU Blogosphere   08 August 2017   Greenland   Karrat Fjord  
<p>In the aftermath of the tsunamigenic landslide in Greenland, which is now widely known as the Karrat Fjord landslide, a number of groups have been working on an analysis of the event. The NSF Rapid Team led by Hermann Fritz have some amazing 3D models online ...
Filed under: Natural Hazards   19 June 2017   Greenland   Nuugaatsiag  
<p>Over the weekend, a M=4.1 earthquake on Greenland&rsquo;s western coast caused a massive landslide, triggering a tsunami that inundated small settlements on the coast. At this stage, four people are feared to have died, nine others were injured, and 11 ...
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Phys Org   14 July 2015   Greenland   Greenland  
<p>According to a new study published in Nature Geoscience, the Greenland ice sheet has been shown to accelerate in response to surface rainfall and melt associated with late-summer and autumnal cyclonic weather events.<br>Samuel Doyle and an international ...
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