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Total Items found:   07 January 2019   Indonesia  
<p>An earthquake with a revised magnitude of 6.6 has struck 174km north-northwest of the city of Ternate in Indonesia's Molucca islands, but there is thought to be no tsunami risk.<br />The quake hit early on Monday local time at a depth of 60.5km and was ...
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BBC NEWS   10 December 2018   UK   Cornwall  
<p>Part of a cliff collapsing in Cornwall has been caught on camera by a woman out walking.</p> <p>Deborah Smith was at Lynstone Road, Bude, when she said she noticed "some little bits going, then saw the rocks moving and quickly videoed it".</p>
Filed under: Natural Hazards   05 December 2018   New Caledonia   Loyalty Islands  
<p>A powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake and multiple aftershocks have struck off the coast of New Caledonia in the Loyalty Islands.</p> <p>The first quake, which struck about 3.30pm AEDT, appears to have been shallow &mdash; at just 10km beneath the Earth&rsquo;s ...
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CNN   03 December 2018   USA   Alaska, Anchorage  
<p>The 7.0-magnitude earthquake sent residents scurrying for cover when it hit at about 8:30 a.m. Friday. The quake was centered 10 miles northeast of Anchorage.<br />The majority of the aftershocks were of a magnitude 2.5 or weaker, meaning they weren't likely ...
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Euronews   12 November 2018   Brazil   Niteroi  
<p>Rescuers are searching for survivors of a mudslide in Brazil that has left at least ten people dead including a child. At least four people are still missing. It happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Niteroi area outside the capital Rio ...
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Alaska Highway News   25 October 2018   USA   Alaska, Old Fort  
<p>The ground beneath the Old Fort landslide had been moving for months before it finally let go in a massive collapse in September and forced more than 150 residents to evacuate their homes.</p> <p>Geologists that have been studying the slide since it let ...
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Greek Reporter   13 September 2018   Greece   Zakynthos  
<p>Three tourists were injured on Thursday following a landslide at the world-renowned beach of Navagio in the Greek island of Zakynthos.</p> <p>Their nationalities are not yet known.</p> <p>The three were transferred to the Zakynthos General Hospital, while ...
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CBC News, YouTube   06 September 2018   Japan   Hokkaido  
<p>A powerful earthquake rocked Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido early Thursday, triggering landslides that crushed homes, knocking out power and forcing a nuclear power plant to switch to a backup generator.</p><p>The magnitude 6.7 earthquake ...
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Express   29 August 2018   South Pacific   New Caledonia  
<p>A 7.1 magnitude quake rocked the South Pacific island of New Caledonia, based about 800 miles west of Fiji at 4.51am BST (2.51pm local time Tuesday).</p><p>It struck at a depth of 10km (six miles) about 372 km (230 miles) east of the island’s capital Noumea.</p><p>Wave ...
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<p>A landslide destroyed nearly 300 homes, killing at least 10 people, as it swept through an Afghan village where residents were using only basic digging tools to search for survivors, officials said.</p> <p>A mountain lake in Panjsher, a province north of ...
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