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ArsTechnica   21 July 2022   Europe  
<p>Europe is on fire: For days, temperatures have skyrocketed above 100&deg; Fahrenheit (38&deg; Celsius), shattering records and triggering huge wildfires that have forced tens of thousands from their homes. From Portugal to Spain to Greece, the flames have ...
UPI   10 February 2016   Europe   Europe  
<p>The European Union said it nearly doubled its share of renewable energy from a 2004 benchmark and was close to meeting its target obligations for 2020.</p> <p>Eurostat, the European statistics office, said data from 2014, the last full year for which it ...
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EurekAlert!   02 September 2015   Europe  
<p>A recent assessment carried out by the JRC estimates that water erodes 970 million tonnes of soil every year in the EU. This would mean a one metre-depth loss of soil from an area corresponding to the size of the city of Berlin, or a one centimetre loss ...