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Abu Dhabi approves $64m in infra projects

$29m development of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road the biggest package among approved projects.

Abu Dhabi’s Executive Committee at the Executive Council has approved several projects worth a total of $64 million in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, as part of the Abu Dhabi Plan, it has been announced.

According to a statement issued on WAM, one of the major projects approved by the Executive Committee, which is headed by Jassim Mohammad Buatabah Al Zaabi, was the development of the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road from the Falah Intersection to the Qasar Al Bahr intersection, which is estimated to have an overall cost of $29.6 million.

The project will include works within the Sheikh Zayed tunnel and several improvements to intersections, with the aim of easing traffic, facilitating transport into the city and increasing the efficiency of the city’s road network, which would allow it to keep up urban development.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has also approved a $17.15 million project to link the emirate’s existing power grid to power generated by the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. This project will look to guarantee the continuity of electrical supply across the emirate. In addition, the project will build four 400V overhead transmission lines at the Barakah plant, which will then be linked up with the two main stations at Madinat Zayed and Bab 2.

These will provide a link and supply to the Abu Dhabi General Transport Company network and control centre through the transmission of 5,600MW from the overall power generated at the station.

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