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Popular Science   09 May 2018   Hawaii   Kilauea Volcano  
<p>Last week, new lava vents burst open in the earth around the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, accompanied by the rumbling of earthquakes, and fiery fountains of earth shooting hundreds of feet into the sky. Whether you ascribe the cracks to ...
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Popular Science   17 April 2016   Ecuador   Quito  
<p>An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Ecuador late last night, just 105 miles to the north west of the capital of Quito. Aftershocks are still shuddering through the area.<br />The large earthquake in Ecuador comes days after a series of large earthquakes ...
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Popular Science   01 October 2015   USA   East Coast  
<p>So far, the 2015 hurricane season has been pretty quiet, just as NOAA predicted earlier this year. But that doesn't mean its going to stay quiet. Hurricane Joaquin is currently camped out over the Bahamas, moving southwest, but forecasters from NOAA's National ...
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