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The Seattle Times   02 November 2017   USA   Seattle  
<p>The Highway 99 tunnel construction project moved into a new direction this week. Northbound.<br />The upper, southbound deck is almost finished, which clears enough room beneath for assembly to begin for the lower deck that will carry traffic north from ...
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The Seattle Times   21 September 2017   USA   Oregon  
<p>Geologists for the state of Oregon are warning of the risk of major landslides in parts of the Columbia River Gorge that were hit by wildfires this year.</p> <p>A new report released Thursday focuses on areas of the Gorge that are highly susceptible to ...
The Seattle Times   22 July 2016   USA   Seattle  
<p>Bertha&rsquo;s problems will cost Washington state an estimated $223 million in cost overruns, and further delay the Highway 99 opening &mdash; until early 2019.</p> <p>OLYMPIA &mdash; Tunnel-machine Bertha&rsquo;s two-year breakdown will cost Washington ...
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The Seattle Times   04 November 2015   USA   New York,Manhattan  
<p>NEW YORK (AP) &mdash; A massive new commuter rail project below New York City&rsquo;s Grand Central Terminal &mdash; one of the nation&rsquo;s largest transportation upgrades &mdash; is slowly rolling forward, including a tunnel costing $1 million per foot, ...
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The Seattle Times   09 May 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>The state should have done more to warn Seattle Tunnel Partners about a steel pipe that tunnel machine Bertha struck Dec. 3, 2013, three days before the giant drill overheated and stalled, a dispute review board has ruled. The decision isn&rsquo;t binding, ...
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The Seattle Times   15 April 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>IN the aftermath of last year&rsquo;s lethal Oso landslide, the state Legislature has unanimously authorized an expanded state program to map slide-prone slopes and other geologic hazards. Equally important, the state would make that information more accessible ...
The Seattle Times   31 March 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>The front of tunnel-boring machine Bertha emerged from its deep access vault late Monday afternoon, after a trouble-free day of crane tests and hoisting. It is now resting on the surface of Seattle’s waterfront.</p>
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