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Seattle Curbed   27 March 2018   USA   Seattle  
<p>It&rsquo;s been almost a year since Bertha the tunnel-boring machine completed its job drilling the tunnel that will eventually replace the State Route 99 Viaduct, and in the drill&rsquo;s wake, crews have been busy building a road. Now, that work is largely ...
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The Seattle Times   02 November 2017   USA   Seattle  
<p>The Highway 99 tunnel construction project moved into a new direction this week. Northbound.<br />The upper, southbound deck is almost finished, which clears enough room beneath for assembly to begin for the lower deck that will carry traffic north from ...
Filed under: Construction News   02 March 2017   USA   Seattle  
<p>Bertha is getting ready to dig the final 1,000 feet of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel.<br /><br />Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP) said they temporarily stopped mining on Tuesday for maintenance to prepare Bertha for the final stretch.<br ...
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The Seattle Times   22 July 2016   USA   Seattle  
<p>Bertha&rsquo;s problems will cost Washington state an estimated $223 million in cost overruns, and further delay the Highway 99 opening &mdash; until early 2019.</p> <p>OLYMPIA &mdash; Tunnel-machine Bertha&rsquo;s two-year breakdown will cost Washington ...
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Kiro 7   14 January 2016   USA   Seattle  
<p>Governor Jay Inslee took the extraordinary step Thursday of ordering a temporary halt to drilling the State Route 99 tunnel after a sinkhole formed behind the troubled machine Bertha.</p>
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MyNorhtwest   07 December 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>Bertha could resume tunneling before Christmas if work stays on schedule.</p> <p>Seattle Tunnel Partners Project Director Chris Dixon told the Seattle City Council that crews are in the "final stages" of testing the boring machine that is being pieced together ...
Filed under: Construction News   17 July 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>SEATTLE On Friday, contractors revealed the $2 billion tunnel project won't open until March 2018, 27 months late. Seattle Tunnel Partners said the tunnel machine, Bertha, will resume tunneling Nov. 23, 2015, nearly two years after it overheated and broke ...
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The Seattle Times   09 May 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>The state should have done more to warn Seattle Tunnel Partners about a steel pipe that tunnel machine Bertha struck Dec. 3, 2013, three days before the giant drill overheated and stalled, a dispute review board has ruled. The decision isn&rsquo;t binding, ...
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Bloomberg Business   08 April 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>About 20 workers wearing hard hats and reflective vests clump together on the edge of a chasm near Seattle&rsquo;s waterfront, peering down a hole 120 feet deep and 83 feet wide. The last men have been craned out of the pit in a yellow metal cage. Gulls ...
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The Seattle Times   31 March 2015   USA   Seattle  
<p>The front of tunnel-boring machine Bertha emerged from its deep access vault late Monday afternoon, after a trouble-free day of crane tests and hoisting. It is now resting on the surface of Seattle’s waterfront.</p>
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