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Several experiments have evidenced the occurrence of saturation overshoots for flows in homogeneous porous media. Such phenomena are ruled out by standard mathematical models, which are based on equilibrium assumptions. In this presentation we discuss nonequilibrium ...
Filed under: Geology -  Hydrogeology
Reference: 5th International Conference on Applications of Porous Media, Romania, 2013
Recently, it has been suggested that Darcy's Law might not be applicable for modelling miscible, density-dependent flow in porous media. To investigate this, three sets of careful laboratory column experiments were performed on coarse and medium sands, consisting ...
Reference: Transport in Porous Media 47: 149-167, 2002.
Removal of microorganisms from water due to passage through soil is of great importance in drinking water production. In the present study, results of laboratory experiments for the study of this issue are presented.
Reference: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 57 (2002) 259-279
In this paper a model is presented which interprets virus removal as a function of collision efficiencies αβ and αλ, inactivation rate coefficient μl and rate parameter γ. Initial high removal is determined by ab, which decreases exponentially at a rate g ...
Reference: Water Science and Technology Vol 46 No 3 pp 123-129 - 2002
Various experimental and theoretical studies have shown that Fick's law, based on the assumption of a linear relation between solute dispersive mass flux and concentration gradient, is not valid when high-concentration gradients are encountered in a porous ...
Reference: Advances in Water Resources Vol. 22, No. 7, pp 665-680, 1999