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In this paper is studied the average velocity of crack fronts during stable interfacial fracture experiments in a heterogeneous quasibrittle material under constant loading rates and during long relaxation tests.
Reference: PHYSICAL REVIEW E 84, 036104 (2011)
A quantitative description of rock discontinuities present in subsurface cores that were drilled (down to 20 m) in the marlsof the Laval and Moulin catchments near Draix (France) is presented.
Reference: "HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, Hydrol. Process. (2011)"
In this paper is presented mode 1 brittle creep fracture experiments along fracture surfaces that contain strength heterogeneities.The observations provide a link between smooth macroscopictime-dependent failure and intermittent microscopic stress-dependent ...
Reference: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 116, B08215, doi:10.1029/2010JB008059, 2011
We propose two techniques for fracture aperture reconstruction. The first one is a correlation technique that estimates the normal aperture or the tangential shift across a discontinuity whose sides present geometrical similarities. The second technique allows ...
Reference: "HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES Hydrol. Process. (2011)"
Natural open joints in rocks commonly present multiscale self-affine apertures.The goal of this paper is to find a geometrical model of the complex aperture that describes at best the macroscopic properties (hydraulic conductivity, heat exchange) with the ...
Reference: Geophys. J. Int. (2011) 186, 1064-1072
In this paper the authors have studied the propagation of a crack front along the heterogeneous weak plane of a transparent poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) block using two different loading conditions: imposed constant velocity and creep relaxation.
Reference: PHYSICAL REVIEW E 83, 046108 (2011)
Vertical stylolites are pressure solution features, which are considered to be caused by horizontal tectonic loading, with the largest principal compressive stress being (sub-)parallel to the Earth's surface. In the present study we analyze the roughness of ...
Reference: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 115, B06403, doi:10.1029/2009JB006649, 2010
Heat exchange during laminar flow in an open fracture is studied numerically on the basis of the Stokes equation in the limit of hydrothermal lubrication. We examine the influence of fracture roughness on hydraulic permeability and heat flux through the fracture ...
Reference: C. R. Geoscience 342 (2010) 616-625
Using a multi-resolution technique, it is analyzed large in-plane fracture fronts moving slowly between two sintered Plexiglas plates.
Reference: EPL, 92 (2010) 44001
The influence of the multiscale fracture roughness on the heat exchange when a cold fluid enters a fractured hot solid is studied numerically on the basis of the Stokes equation and in the limit of both hydrolubrication and thermolubrication. It is shown that ...
Reference: PHYSICAL REVIEW E 82, 036317 2010