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Geotechnical professional practice covers a broad range of issues related to education, experience, ethics, license to practice engineering, legal issues in geotechnical professional practice etc. In this section publication of geotechnical professional practice information are provided.
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<p>This manual presents the requirements for geotechnical work for development projects within the County of Los Angeles (County). Many civil engineering projects require geotechnical investigations with input from both an engineering geologist licensed in ...
Reference: Manual for Preparation of Geotechnical Reports July 2013
<p>The purpose of this manual is to guide districts in geotechnical investigation and design for project development. Recommendations, background information, and examples for geotechnical designs are available on the TxDOT website.</p>
<p>No one ever admits to being overpaid but.. but some Americans take home huge paychecks &mdash; far beyond what they deserve for their level of competence or education &mdash; and contribution to society. Engineer Salary took a look at the salaries outside ...
<p>The paper traces the history on the development of geotechnical engineers and describes the possible trend of future development to ensure safety of the public.</p>
Reference: 12th Asian Regional Conference on SMGE, 07-08 August 2003, Singapore