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The section of management and scheduling includes publications that have as a goal to provide information and disciplines for planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading and controlling resources for various geotechnical projects. Project management is a crucial area that involves scheduling,  meeting deadlines and selecting the right resources in order to execute geotechnical works.
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This paper investigates ways to improve the integration between the geotechnical and infrastructural designing, modeling and analyzing processes. Up till now these three planning stages have been executed separate and without data exchange between each other. ...
The standard design tools for buildings and civil engineering infrastructure are not prepared for working with real world subsurface information that originate from the 3D geological and geotechnical models. Also GIS standards (as the OGC standard CityGML) ...
Reference: IAMG 2011, Salzburg
The Joint Technical Committee on Education and Training (JTC-3) has begun the process of assessing the professional competency requirements of specializations within geo-engineering by adapting the process established for civil engineering by the ASCE. Competency ...
Reference: 2011 Pan-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference
This guideline has been published to assist commercial clients in considering the principal issues involved in briefing, selecting and engaging consulting engineers.
Reference: Consulting Engineers of British Columbia
<p>This paper discusses some important issues related to the GBR and presents suggestions for improving these vital reports.</p>
Reference: Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) Proceedings, 2009
Change control and front end loading are based on project processes in the planning and monitoring &amp; control process group of the Project Management Body of Knowledge1 (PMBOK). This paper will focus on key factors to consider during project scheduling/planning ...
In most geotechnical or construction projects civil engineers have to conscientiously consider both technical subsurface objects and natural bedrock objects. From a civil engineer’s perspective, there is an urgent need to extend the Building Information Model ...
Reference: GEO Informatics, December 2008
<p>A set of review checklists and technical guidelines has been developed to aid engineers in their review of projects containing major and unusual geotechnical features. These features may involve any earthwork or foundation related activities such as construction ...
Reference: Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-ED-88-053, 2003