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The axial and lateral monotonic and cyclic behavior of helical pile foundations was investigated and new helical screw systems suitable for seismic loadings were developed. More than one hundred full scale field load tests were conducted on instrumented helical ...
Reference: 2011 Pan-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference, October 2011, Toronto, Canada
This manual embraces both construction and design of drilled shafts, and addresses the following topics: applications of drilled shafts for transportation structure foundations general requirements for subsurface investigations construction means and methods ...
Reference: Federal Highway Administration, FHWA NHI-10-016, 2010
The use of base grouting (tip grouting) to enhance the axial capacity of drilled shaft foundations can achieve improvements in economy and reliability for many types of projects and soil profiles. Recent experiences on a range of different construction projects ...
Reference: Proc. of 10th International Conference on Deep Foundations, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Two drilled shaft foundations were subjected to axial load tests in order to measure the influence of drilling fluid on performance. Other than the differing drilling fluids, the shafts were constructed with great care to ensure identical conditions. The results ...
Reference: Proc. of the Deep Foundations Inst. 27th Annual Meeting, San Diego.
Design of piles requires understanding of how load is transferred from pile to soil and, less obvious but equally important, from soil to pile.
Reference: Proceedings of a Seminar by American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, and Port of New York, 1998
<p>This manual provides guidelines concerning the planning, conduct and interpretation of results of lad tests performed on driven piles and drilled shafts.</p>
Reference: Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-SA-91-042, 1992
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is undertaking a study of bearing capacity of piles in sand. Several individuals have been contracted to predict the capacity of a specific size pipe pile based on soil information provided by the FHWA. The predictions ...
Reference: The analysis of soil and installation data plus Addendum Report. The Federal Highway Administration, FHWA, Washington, Prediction Symposium, June 1986