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The selection of the blast damage factor D is a technical support question that arises frequently in relation to the use of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. This note sets out the origin and background of this factor and provides some guidance on its selection ...
Reference: Technical note for RocNews - February 2, 2012 Winter 2012 Issue
The aim of this paper is the sensitivity analysis of GSI and disturbance factor dependent equations that characterize the mechanical properties of rock masses. The survey of the GSI system is not our purpose. The results show that the rock mass strength calculated ...
Reference: Geophysics, Cornell University Library
In this paper, engineering geological properties of the entrance portal section of Konakönü Tunnel, located on Black Sea Coastal Highway, Turkey, is studied. Moderately weathered basaltic and andesitic tuffs orderly to be driven by the entrance ...
Reference: Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 6(31), pp. 6566-6583, 16 December, 2011
The recognition and analysis of the different modes of failure are the main issues that will be addressed in this paper on the fundamentals of slope design.
Reference: Fundamentals of slope design. Keynote address at Slope Stability 2009, Santiago, Chile, 9 - 11 November 2009
In this paper several case examples are presented to illustrate the application of the high-end (spalling) and low-end (weak ground) transition Hoek-Brown relationships proposed by Carter, Diederichs and Carvalho, (2007) as a basis for better defining rock ...
Reference: Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction, Edrs: T. R. Stacey and D. F. Malan
This paper presents case studies for both rock mass modulus and rock mass shear strength in an attempt to assess the validity of the approach of using GSI and the Hoek-Brown criterion. It is concluded that for some rock masses the method works well, but in ...
Reference: 1st Southern Hemisphere International Rock Mechanics Symposium an ISRM-Sponsored Regional Symposium held in Perth, Australia, September 2008
The paper presents geological and engineering geological characteristics of the flysch in outlined area which is expected to have a lot of similarities with very well defined and investigated flysch deposits in Split.The investigated area belongs to the ...
Reference: II European Conference of International Association for Engineering Geology Madrid, Španjolska, 15.-19.09.2008.
This paper questions the application of rock mass classification systems in engineering geology problems.
Reference: SAIMM, SANIRE and ISRM 6 th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction
Hoek E. et al.  
In this paper the historical development of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion and the associated Geological Strength Index (GSI) has been presented.
Reference: Soils and Rocks, No. 2. November 2007.
Estimation of rock mass properties can be achieved by laboratory testing, in situ testing, back analysis or the use of rock mass classifications (GSI, RMR, Q, etc.). Although reasonable geotechnical parameters, from the use of the rock mass classification ...
Reference: IAEG2006 Paper number 314