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<p>The national highways are always considered as the economic backbone of the country and have often assisted development work all along their routes. The National Highway (NH-1D) is the most strategic and the only all weather surface link between the two ...
Reference: Geomaterials, 2015, 5, 56-67
In this work Data Mining tools are used to develop new and innovative models for the estimation of the rock deformation modulus and the Rock Mass Rating (RMR). A database published by Chun et al. (2008) was used to develop these models. The parameters of ...
Reference: Geotechnical and Geological Engineering August 2012, Volume 30, Issue 4, pp 787-801
Current approaches to rockfall hazard and risk mitigation have been dominated by a model in which rockfall is treated as a global slope stability phenomenon which is mainly triggered by precipitation, freeze-thaw, or root wedging. The methods implemented by ...
Filed under: Rock Mechanics -  Rock Falls
Reference: Doctor of Philosophy, The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska
<p>The paper presents geological and engineering geological characteristics of the Strazˇina Tunnel along the Bisko-&Scaron;estanovac section of the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik highway in Croatia. This paper compares the actual conditions of the rock mass during ...
Reference: Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, (2010)
After 35 years of use throughout the tunnelling world, the RMR and Qclassifications have proved themselves on numerous projects. They stillface misconceptions however, as reflected in recent articles in T&amp;TInternational. Here, Nick Barton, of Nick Barton ...
Reference: Tunnels & Tunnelling International FEBRUARY 2008
This paper questions the application of rock mass classification systems in engineering geology problems.
Reference: SAIMM, SANIRE and ISRM 6 th International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Civil Engineering Construction
Hoek E. et al.  
<p>In this paper the historical development of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion and the associated Geological Strength Index (GSI) has been presented.</p>
Reference: Soils and Rocks, No. 2. November 2007.
This paper presents the result of comparison between the modulus of deformation obtained from dilatometer tests and the geomechanical quality of the rock mass using the RMR classification and the basic intact rock properties such as uniaxial compressive strength ...
Reference: Workshop: Underground Works under Special Conditions
This paper presents the result of comparisons between the modulus of deformation obtained from dilatometer tests and the geomechanical quality of the rock mass using the RMR classification ant the basic intact rock properties such as the uniaxial compressive ...
Reference: “Underground Works under Special Conditions” organizado en Madrid el 6 de julio de 2007, por ISRM.
This paper presents the view that rock mass classification systems are not enough for final design, from experience with major tunnels and cavern projects in the Sydney region.
Reference: Tunnels & Tunnelling International | April 1, 2007 | Pells, P.J.N.; Bertuzzi, R.