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Estimating the amount of conductive and nonconductive constituents in the pore space of sediments by using electrical resistivity logs generally loses accuracy where clays are present in the reservoir. Many different methods and clay models have been proposed ...
Reference: Scientific Investigations Report 2011–5005
Three karst springs in the folded Appalachians of Pennsylvaniawere monitored for stage, specific conductivity, and sediment concentration.
Filed under: Geology -  Hydrogeology
Reference: "Geological Society of America Special Paper 404 2006 no 14: 169-176"
Training document on narrowly defined elements of ground-water hydrology. Physical characteristics of the radial flow system in the vicinity of a well.
Filed under: Geology -  Hydrogeology
Reference: US. Geological Survey<br/>Water Resources Investigations Report 89 4134