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<p>Electrical resistivity imaging and geological mapping were used to study the geology and delineate geologic structures at the Northeastern part of Ago Iwoye, Southwestern Nigeria. Two areas which include Mini-Campus Olabisi Onabanjo University (MCOOU) and ...
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Reference: Journal of Geology and Mining Research Vol. 4(5), pp. 105-117, August 2012
Estimating the amount of conductive and nonconductive constituents in the pore space of sediments by using electrical resistivity logs generally loses accuracy where clays are present in the reservoir. Many different methods and clay models have been proposed ...
Reference: Scientific Investigations Report 2011–5005
An integrated geophysical survey using both the electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and groundpenetrating radar (GPR) methods was undertaken over a cave of great archaeological interest in southern Italy
Reference: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (2005) 5: 17-22
This research concerns, the mapping of the redox potential and the electrical conductivity of the groundwater, which are the key - parameters for the characterisation of contaminant plumes and for site remediation technologies.
Reference: Hydrology and Earth Sciences, 8(1), 8-22 (2004)
<p>This document contains eleven case studies designed to provide performance information for innovative uses of geophysical technologies that support less costly screening for site characterization </p>
Reference: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, EPA-542-R-00-003 August 2000
Electrical resistivity and very low-frequency electromagnetic induction (VLF) surveys were carried out at a site of shallow hydrocarbon contamination in Utah County, Utah.
Reference: Geophysics, Vol 62, No 1 (January - February 1997) p. 80-86