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In this study, applicability of the excavatability classification systems in underground excavations is investigated. For this purpose, the entrance portal of the Konakönü (Araklı-Trabzon) tunnel, excavated in volcanic rocks within the scope of Black ...
Reference: Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 6(25), pp. 5331-5341, 30 October, 2011
This paper describes the most important geochemical and petrological characteristics of the Plio-Quaternary volcanism in Italy, with the aims of (i) clarifying the first-order processes of magma genesis and evolution and (ii) providing constraints for models ...
Filed under: Geology -  General Geology
Reference: 32nd International Geological Congress, Episodes Vol.26 No.3
<p>Young volcanics erupted since late Pliocene as a result of lithospheric extension within the transtensional zones along the NE-SW trending letf-lateral Yumurtalik fault zone that mark the boundary between the African and the Anatolian plates in southern ...
Reference: Yerbilimleri, 22 (2000), 137-148, Bulletin of Earth Sciences Application and Research Centre of Hacettepe University