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<p>An active landslide in Doren, Austria, has been studied by multitemporal airborne and terrestrial laser scanning from 2003 to 2012. To evaluate the changes, we have determined the 3D motion using the range flow algorithm, an established method in computer ...
Reference: Remote Sens. 2013, 5, 2720-2745; doi:10.3390/rs5062720
The protective effect of forests against rockfall cannot be neglected in risk management. This is, of course, under the condition that a considerable slope length in the transit area is forested and that a tree diameter distribution which can provide sufficient ...
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Reference: Landslides and engineered slopes: protecting society through improved understanding. Taylor and Francis Group, London: pp 117 – 127.
Yosemite Valley has experienced over 600 rock falls since 1850, but determining the exact source areas, volumes, and failure mechanisms for these rock falls has previously been difficult because of a lack of comprehensive imagery of the cliff faces. We obtained ...
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Reference: Proceedings of the Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science, November 11–13 2010
In France, Risk Prevention Plans (PPR) are standard documents that determine risk areas and building authorisations for ten-year periods. This paper is about the PPR revision of the town of Veyrier-du-Lac (France), where is implemented a new methodology based ...
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Reference: "The 2010 Canadian Geomatics Conference and Symposium of Commission I (ISPRS), Calgary, Alberta: Canada (2010)"
Protection forest management requires reliable data on the structural characteristics of forest stands with high spatial resolution, which could be delivered by airborne laser scanning. We subtracted a digital surface model (DSM), derived from the last LiDAR ...
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Reference: Workshop on 3D Remote Sensing in Forestry, 14th-15th Feb 2006, Vienna