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Yosemite Valley poses significant rockfall hazard and related risk due to its glacially steepened walls and approximately 4 million visitors annually. To assess rockfall hazard, it is necessary to evaluate the geologic structure that contributes to the destabilization ...
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Reference: Pan Am GCS Geotechnical Conference 2011
Yosemite Valley has experienced over 600 rock falls since 1850, but determining the exact source areas, volumes, and failure mechanisms for these rock falls has previously been difficult because of a lack of comprehensive imagery of the cliff faces. We obtained ...
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Reference: Proceedings of the Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science, November 11–13 2010
<p>Geochemical investigation of samples from 20 granitic intrusions in six tectonic zones of the Hellenides shows that both I-type and S-type granites occur in the region. The I-type granites from four of the zones, namely the Rhodope Massif (RM), the Serbomacedonian ...
Reference: Mineralogical Magazine 56(385):487-501 · January 1992
The equilibrium hedenbergite + ilmenite + oxygen : titanite + magrretite * quartz isimportant in distinguishing relatively oxidized from relatively reduced granitic rocks. This study deals with the aforementioned.
Reference: American Mineralogist, Volume 74, pages 744-749, 1989
In the course of studying the petrography of some granitic rocks from west of Vermilion Bay in northwestern Ontario, it was demonstrated that allanite is their characteristic accessory mineral.
Reference: "Canadian Mineralogist, Vol. 15, pp.297-302 (1977)"