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Geologically and tectonically active Himalayan Range is characterized by highly elevated mountains and deep river valleys. Because of steep mountain slopes, and dynamic geological conditions, large-scale landslides are very common in Lesser and Higher Himalayan ...
Reference: Environmental Geology
<p>The focus of this study is on potential damages to buildings resulting from expansive soils in Tanzania, particularly clay soils in Kibaha. For the fact that most of the affected structures are founded on expansive soils, a clear understanding of the behaviour ...
Reference: Doctoral Thesis, Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 2008
In this paper clay-rich sediments from the Kajjansi, Kitiko, Kitetika, and Ntawo valleys in central Uganda were analyzed for mineralogical and chemical composition, including the rare earth element (REE) contents.
Reference: Geochemical Journal, Vol. 35, pp. 13 to 28, 2001
Variations in the morphology of illitic clay minerals were observed in the Kamikita hydrothermal system for illitized smectite. Particle sizes and microtopographies were measured by transmission electron microscopy using Pt shadowing and Au decoration. Particle ...
Reference: American Mineralogist, Volume 79, pages 700-7 11, 1994
This paper mainly concentrates on experience from the first group listed,<br>where swelling minerals are associated with weakness zones or gouges, that are faults, seams, leather joints, crushed rocks or other discontinuities. The experience of the authors ...
Reference: Tunnels & Tunnelling, November, 1989
<p>The weathering of biotite-plagioclase gneiss was studied in a warm humid climate under good drainage conditions, in De Kalb County, Georgia.</p>
This study is concerned with the dispersion characteristics of montmorillonite, kaolinite, and illite clay minerals in waters of different hardness and the relation of these characteristics to the control of canal seepage by artificial sedimentation. The ...
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