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Based on mineralogical and technological investigations of the deposit “Greda” important characteristics of bentonite clay were determined. Representative samples of the deposit were characterized with X-ray diffraction, low-temperature nitrogen adsorption, ...
Reference: Processing and Application of Ceramics 5 [2] (2011) 97–101
In this paper clay-rich sediments from the Kajjansi, Kitiko, Kitetika, and Ntawo valleys in central Uganda were analyzed for mineralogical and chemical composition, including the rare earth element (REE) contents.
Reference: Geochemical Journal, Vol. 35, pp. 13 to 28, 2001
The kaolinization of bauxite has generally been thought to be a simple process of epigenetic resilification. A study of the karstic boehmitic bauxites in the Vlasenica region of Yugoslavia, however, shows that kaolinization took place in a rather complex ...
Reference: Clays and Clay Minerals. Vol. 33, No. 6, 517-524, 1988
<p>This report is a collection of stress - strain charts which were produced by deforming selected simulated fault gouge materials.</p>
Reference: Open file Report 77-142
This study is concerned with the dispersion characteristics of montmorillonite, kaolinite, and illite clay minerals in waters of different hardness and the relation of these characteristics to the control of canal seepage by artificial sedimentation. The ...
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